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ProTee VX

Golf Simulators Redesigned

The latest and newest systems of ProTee United’s Collection. Vision and A.I. powered high speed ceiling Launch Monitors. The latest technology wrapped in a sleek design. Dual high speed camera systems measuring all relevant shot data in a matter of milliseconds with extremely accurate results.

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ProTee VX

High quality design

Brushed aluminium exterior and stainless steel interior.

High speed camera's

Dual high speed stereo vision camera system. Instant launch for both right and left handed players.

Eye candy

Durable black matt finish replaceable cover.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning powered smart shot analysis detection and processing.

The VX measures all relevant ball and club data. Each data point is specifically measured and visualized to produce and learn from results you can trust.

ProTee VX Launch Monitor

There’s no such thing as bad weather, when playing indoors!

Wow! How refreshing. After 15 years of teaching golf outdoors I was so surprised and impressed by the simulator products available at ProTee United especially the Golf Simulator. Now we can help hundreds of golfers to train during winter. Not to mention the MOST REALISTIC I have ever encountered!
Kudos to ProTee for their amazing support and willingness to help out. If anyone is on the fence for a system or to add TGC to their existing setup, don't hold back!
Thank you so much. I was really nervous buying at first. Then I figured out that you run that forum, and kinda pieced together what kind of company you run. I've never dealt with a company quite like yours. Thanks again. I'm beyond impressed.
Yeah, after further searching into the Golf Simulator Forums I realized my embarrassing error and flew the rest of the setup. Thank you guys for your awesome support, amazing turnaround time. It is very much appreciated.


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